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 Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008

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PostSubject: Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008   Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 31, 2008 6:27 am


We have some more hot fixes for today:


    Fixed an issue that would in some rare cases cause Skiv Redwarp, a boss NPC in the Warpblade Tunnels dungeon to become unattackable.
    The NPC Zarbog One-toe in the Badlands will no longer fall under the world.
    Adjusted the levels of some Withered Crone and Restless Spirit NPCs to a more appropriate range for their locations in the world.
    Made some adjustments to the Sigmar's Crypts dungeon bosses Zakarai and Verrimus to bring them in line with the intended level of difficulty.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing players from re-entering the Inevitable City dungeon Bilerot Burrow after being defeated by the boss NPC Bartholomew the Sickly.
    Fixed an issue that was causing some of the Withered Crones associated with the Witching Night live event to run around in circles.


    Disciples of Khaine will now be able to purchase the appropriate armor pieces from Tier 3 renown merchants.
    Corrected an issue in which the Elite-level Magus rewards offered in Chaos Chapter 16 included two erroneous items.

Quests & Public Quests

    Out of Favor: Conquering the Raven: Fixed an incorrect waypoint in this quest.
    Control: Fixed an issue that was causing Falathin Soulbreaker to become unattackable, which was preventing players from completing this quest.
    Gud Memory: Fixed an incorrect waypoint in this quest.
    The Wind of Change: The NPC Tomas Schurmann will now spawn properly for this quest.
    The Witching Hour: Zealots will now receive the proper rewards from all loot bags offered by this Public Quest.
    The Witching Hour: Instances of this Public Quest will no longer reset instantly following a successful completion.

Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008 Icesig2
Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008 139370
Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008 541051
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Hot Fixes - 10/30/2008
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