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 Gibsin R40 Marauder - APPROVED

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Charater Name: Gibsin
Character Occupation: Marauder
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PostSubject: Gibsin R40 Marauder - APPROVED   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:09 pm

1 - What is your main character's name.


2 - What class do you play?


3 - What path/spec have you taken?


4 - What level are you?

R40 RR38 (almost 39)

5 - What was your previous guild and why are you no longer with them?

The Deadliest Sin, I am still with them atm but the general guild populace has disappeared lately and I need an active guild. I have recently expressed my frustration with Fox so she probably knows I am looking elsewhere (actually told her today I am applying for Warfist). Being the only TDS member online every night (there might be 2 or 3 others on a good night) is getting old tbh. Even though I am still part of the alliance I would like a more active guild.

6 - How long have you been playing Warhammer Online?

Since the CE CB and almost every day since (give or take a night off here or there).

7 - What other MMO games have you played?

FFXI - 1 year
Ragnarok Online - 1 year
WoW - 3 years

8 - What is your experience with pvp/rvr in the games that you have played.

Only other MMO that I got really into pvp was WoW tbh. I was a hardcore raider for the first year but turned to strictly pvp and arena for the last two years I played. I was a full S2 MS Warrior during S2 if that helps.

9 - List the people currently in Warfist you would consider friends.

I have played with many of you guys (being part of the alliance of course) but I don't know if I would say I have any "friends" in Warfist yet (yet). I'm sure a few of your members know my name though.

10 - Who is sponsoring your application to Warfist?

I don't have a sponsor, if I still need one let me know. I would hope that being an alliance member since HS would be enough.

11 - How did you find out about Warfist?

The alliance.

12 - Warfist requires the use of Ventrilo (a voice over IP program). Can you be on Ventrilo whenever you are logged in?

I can be on Vent whenever you guys need me to be. I have already been on your vent a few times in the past during keep sieges etc. I tend to not get on Vent for idle chit chat, but for anything remotely coordinated I will absolutely be on, no question.

13 - In Warhammer, RvR is group based. How would you contribute to the group and what do you see is your class's role in RvR in a group setting?

Well as a Brut Marauder I focus on the squishies (of course). BW's are my bread and butter Smile Call the target, throw me some heals and the target is dead, plain and simple.

14 - How old are you?


15 - What time zone do you play from?

PST (Seattle, Wa)

16 - Why do you want to join our guild?

You guys are always active, taking keeps/zones and just plain ol' kicking ass. I always see Warfist members no matter where I go and that is what I was hoping for with TDS. I want to be in an active guild that wants to maximize the potential of this game and won't quit and go back to WoW because of some lame new expansion hehe Smile i have been a part of many sieges with you guys and you're always on the ball, taking it seriously and trying to win. That's all I need.
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Charater Name: Ravey
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PostSubject: Re: Gibsin R40 Marauder - APPROVED   Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:02 pm

Looks good to me. Since you already have our vent hop on tonight and talk to myself, DoctorTran or Icelus. The two of them should be online right now anyways.


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Gibsin R40 Marauder - APPROVED
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