Warfist is a US Destruction Guild of Warhammer Online dedicated to bloody combat and misery of our enemies.
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 Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted**

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Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Empty
PostSubject: Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted**   Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2008 5:28 pm

1 - What is your main character's name and class?

2 - What spec are you? Would you consider respeccing if/when the guild asks you to do so?
Sorcerer -- I'm up for about anything

3 - What level and Reknown Rank are you?

4 - How long have you been playing Warhammer Online?
Only about a week so far (I think 34 hours gametime already)

5 - How did you hear about about warfist, who directed you to this site, and/or a description of why you would like to join our guild.
I am a RL friend of Mekare who is in the guild. He said everyone here was great, so it's nice to get into a good guild; rather than searching and wading through all the 10-year old run guilds.

6 - Warfist absolutely requires the use of Ventrilo (a voice over IP program). Can you be on Ventrilo whenever you are logged in?
Already on it.

7 - In Warhammer, RvR is group based. How would you contribute to the group and what do you see is your class's role in RvR in a group setting? Would you have any problems following orders in group settings?
Glass cannon role. Stay back as far as possible while dealing the most amount of damage as possible. So far, limited CC; but can definately be useful already (grip of fear) when a flag carrier is running back towards our own.

8 - How old are you? and What time zone do you play from?
23, EST.

9 - Our vent is full of interesting and, at times, vulgar conversations. Would this offend you in any way?
Only if I'm not included Wink

10 - If you want us to know anything else about you that isn't asked above, now's your chance:
I helped start a guild back on WoW (I know, I know) back over two years ago with Mekare called Silent Night on Earthen Ring. The guild is still alive today with over 250 members and over 15 active on a given night. I will give anything that I can to Warfist; and that of which is asked of me. Be sure to let me know if I can be of more help...
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Character sheet
Charater Name: Ravey
Character Occupation: Witch Elf
Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Left_bar_bleue0/0Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Empty
PostSubject: Re: Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted**   Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 2:24 am

Approved. I think you knew that already Smile

Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** RicciWIPcopyAdvocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted** DollhouseSigcopy
Cuz I can
Ur mom's a noob
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Advocation - 18 (wimpy) Sorcerer **Accepted**
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