Warfist is a US Destruction Guild of Warhammer Online dedicated to bloody combat and misery of our enemies.
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 Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED**

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PostSubject: Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED**   Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED** Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 9:56 am

Create a new topic, paste these questions in, and answer. Please change your answers to a different color. If you fail to follow these very simple instructions, you are telling us you cannot follow instructions in RVR. Don't nub it up.

1 - What is your main character's name and class?
Fezzic Black Orc

2 - What spec are you? Would you consider respeccing if/when the guild asks you to do so?
I had been all brawler, am currently trying a brawler/toughness. Absolutely willing to respec for needs.

3 - What level and Reknown Rank are you?

4 - How long have you been playing Warhammer Online?
Since open beta

5 - How did you hear about about warfist, who directed you to this site, and/or a description of why you would like to join our guild.
Our old guild Eminence disbanded and we were directed here for merger.

6 - Warfist absolutely requires the use of Ventrilo (a voice over IP program). Can you be on Ventrilo whenever you are logged in?

7 - In Warhammer, RvR is group based. How would you contribute to the group and what do you see is your class's role in RvR in a group setting? Would you have any problems following orders in group settings?
The problem in Warhammer is precisely not enough following so no worries there. Keeps are simple enough, tank guards beat on doors. I'm a big fan of hold the line - while taking defended keeps I use it to shield the casters and if there are enough tanks in the wall of defenses I will step away and try to cover them and some of the casters with it in the lord room. Otherwise big green wall go go. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with style in skirmishes, they are still giving me trouble. I've never really had a stable group to get a proper assist train going, so sometimes I'm on guard the casters and sometimes I go harass.

8 - How old are you? and What time zone do you play from?
42, EST

9 - Our vent is full of interesting and, at times, vulgar conversations. Would this offend you in any way?
I'd be annoyed if it distracted too much from the game but other than that, no.

10 - If you want us to know anything else about you that isn't asked above, now's your chance:
I have kids, so I can't usually log in before 8PM EST. I do get to designate a raid night (one week cooldown) where I can log in early and don't have to help, so let me know if there is a standing group or event.
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PostSubject: Re: Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED**   Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED** Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 12:51 pm

Thanks for posting Fez. Obviously you're in Smile

Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED** RicciWIPcopyFezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED** DollhouseSigcopy
Cuz I can
Ur mom's a noob
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Fezzic - Black Orc **ACCEPTED**
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