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 Magic Carpet and the Toad

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Magic Carpet and the Toad Empty
PostSubject: Magic Carpet and the Toad   Magic Carpet and the Toad Icon_minitimeSat Sep 11, 2010 12:53 am

A slann is classed as infantry.

Is he classed as "on foot"?

Can he ride the magic carpet?

I say no - he wasn't "on foot" for using the Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, or steed of shadows in 7th.

Is he "on foot" in this edition?

He can't use the transformation spell - for which you need to be infantry and on foot. We know he's infantry...but can't cast that spell.

Please discuss. I'm curious to hear both sides in full. It defo needs to be put back inthe FAQ.....

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Magic Carpet and the Toad
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