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 Guild Highlights: Taverns

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Guild Highlights: Taverns Empty
PostSubject: Guild Highlights: Taverns   Guild Highlights: Taverns Icon_minitimeThu Sep 04, 2008 12:17 am

Herald News, Didn't see this posted anywhere so I figured I would for those who don't check the Herald.


Guild Highlights: Taverns
Missy Hatch | General News | 09/02/2008 @ 06:07:48 EST

Powerful guilds from all over the world come to Altdorf and The Inevitable City to gather and trade their secrets in our Guild Taverns. Will you answer the call and join them? Only the most prestigious guilds are able to enter these special areas, where guilds enjoy a variety of benefits available only to them! Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to network and ally with like-minded guilds to plan and carouse until the wee hours of the morning? We thought so too, and it’s for that reason that we bring you Guild Taverns!

How They Work:

Members of Order and Destruction alike will find solace in our taverns at Guild Rank 6. If you’re an Order player, your tavern is located in Sigmar’s Hammer in the War Quarters in Altdorf. For Destruction, visit The Viper Pit in Fate’s Edge in The Inevitable City. Speak to the Guild Merchant just outside Sigmar’s Hammer or The Viper Pit once your guild is eligible, and he will grant you entry. Cities must be at Rank 2 in order for the Taverns to be accessible.


Once within the Guild Tavern, guilds will have access to various merchants who offer many different items and services. The items and services available are dependent on the guild’s level. A few examples include:

- Flight Master: Taverns provide flight masters who offer normal travel options, but also guild rank-based locations including: Gunbad’s Entrance, Bastion Stair’s Entrance, and Lost Vale’s Entrance

- Guild Standard Merchant

- Crafting Merchant: This merchant will sell various components for crafting which are not otherwise able to be purchased, but must usually be found via butchering or scavenging.

- Renown Merchant: The Renown Merchant offers Renown gear at a discounted rate of coin.

- Siege Weaponry: This merchant offers siege at a discounted rate.

- More: We have plans to add even more specialized merchants to the guild hall as time goes by!

Other Services:

Services available to guilds via the Guild Taverns are dependent on the guild’s Rank. Some of these services include:

* Recall Scrolls: Players can buy a guild recall scroll from the store which will allow guilds to transport back to the tavern during a city’s peaceful state
* The Leader’s Hall: At guild rank 16, this room provides Guild Leaders and Officers with a rest bonus, which gives a bonus to the player’s rested experience.
* Guild Registrar: The fellows who help out with Guild Creation can be found right outside of The Viper Pit and the War Quarters, so you can easily find them and other guild related services there!
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Guild Highlights: Taverns
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