Warfist is a US Destruction Guild of Warhammer Online dedicated to bloody combat and misery of our enemies.
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PostSubject: korad - marauder   korad - marauder Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 11:24 pm

1 - What is your main character's name.
2 - What class do you play?
3 - What path/spec have you taken?
4 - What level are you?
currently lvl 7 have a lvl 40 warrior priest on red eye mountain(kaldeth) welcome to check him out
5 - What was your previous guild and why are you no longer with them?
currently un guilded on Dest.
6 - How long have you been playing Warhammer Online?
since release(also beta tested a little and did preview weekends)
7 - What other MMO games have you played?
daoc,wow,aoc,eq, you name it i just about played them all.
8 - What is your experience with pvp/rvr in the games that you have played.
hardcore pvper in daoc did 8 mans, zerg fights, solo action you name it.
9 - List the people currently in Warfist you would consider friends.
currently know noone in warfist but id really like to get to know everyone, to have a nice gaming experience.
10 - Who is sponsoring your application to Warfist?
sent a tell to an officer online and was stated i did not need one anymore
11 - How did you find out about Warfist?
12 - Warfist requires the use of Ventrilo (a voice over IP program). Can you be on Ventrilo whenever you are logged in?
have 2 pc's doesnt hender me at all Smile
13 - In Warhammer, RvR is group based. How would you contribute to the group and what do you see is your class's role in RvR in a group setting?
Well as a marauder im not the main tank and i do not run in first i follow my assist train or can be ma(was ma on savage in daoc) there are many roles i can play and will do what im told to do to assist the grp.
14 - How old are you?
15 - What time zone do you play from?
16 - Why do you want to join our guild?
i think you guys have your ehad in the rite place, dont take crap, and rvr the main reason i wanted warhammer.
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