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 1.1 highlights

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PostSubject: 1.1 highlights   Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:07 pm


Patch 1.1 is going up on the PTS later today and after some more internal testing, we hope to open it up to the public tomorrow morning. So, as usual, here are the highlights. Please keep two things in mind before commenting on the highlights:

1) This patch was in development before 1.0.6 went LIVE so don't expect to see a lot of changes to 1.0.6 in there yet. We'll continue to hotfix whenever possible and possibly patch 1.1 with changes that have arisen because of the 1.0.6 patch. Again, let me say again that 1.1 has been on our internal servers for a quite a while because of the delay in getting 1.0.6 out the door and as such, doesn't have all the latest additions/changes we are working on.

2) As of now the complete patch notes are at 14 pages so the highlights do not even come close to representing all the fixes/changes in the game. This patch touches on more aspects of the game even than 1.0.6.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights from 1.1.

Open RvR Influence System – As part of our ongoing effort to encourage people to take part in oRvR, we are pleased to announce the release of an influence system geared solely to oRvR. Players who participate in this part of WAR will now have additional incentives for fighting for their realm. As part of this patch we have also made quite a number of changes and fixes to oRvR settings and NPCs as well. And as always, we have a lot more going in for oRvR over the next couple of months as well.

New Careers For Everyone - With this version the Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Dark Elf’s Blackguard are available for all players!

Easy Public Quests – PQs are great but sometimes it’s hard to get enough people together to complete them, especially in the lower tiers. So, we are redesigning one PQ per chapter so that it can be completed by 1-3 people.

Chat Hyperlinking – One of the most requested features by the community has been adding the ability to hyperlink items, abilities and quests in the chat window and now it has been added.

Armor Set Rebalance – After scrubbing through our armor sets we’ve made a lot of changes to ensure to various armor sets in the game to make them more useful and prized by the players.

Main Assist – RvR is exciting, chaotic and always challenging but this feature will make it just a little bit easier to help your group fight the good fight.

Player Statue System – Nothing says “you’ve made it” more than having a statue with your name on it in the capitol city of your realm.

New Content – Whether it is new lairs, new quests, new drops in dungeons, new PQ rewards and changes to items (such as cloaks), this patch is full of lots of fun new content additions to the game.

User Interface – Lots and lots of fixes, changes and new additions to our user interface and API functionality, new additions to the chat system and graphic options incorporating community requested features a channel flashing on activity, the ability to turn the chat bubbles on/off, a gamma slider and so much more.

Lots and lots of Bug Fixes - 'Nuff said.

The full notes will of course cover all of these highlights in greater detail.



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PostSubject: Re: 1.1 highlights   Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:51 pm

Sweet Smile I like the sound of oRvR improvements and chat improvements. Chat in WOW and WAR is ridiculously complicated for absolutley no good reason. I wish we had the chat system in SRO (piece of shit korean game for the uninitiated).


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PostSubject: Re: 1.1 highlights   Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:14 am

So why didn't it work for me again Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 1.1 highlights   

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1.1 highlights
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