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 Because people are SMRT

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PostSubject: Because people are SMRT   Because people are SMRT Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 12:57 pm

Spoiler this is a rant not any thing important feel free to not even bother reading.

Wow, I just need to get this off my chest

I was reading forums (such as warhammer alliance)
and looked at topics such as "how order gets screwed again" and "I want male witch elves" ect ect

yes i have reconfirmed my knowledge that people are stupid. Please don't be shocked, it is sadly a truth we live with. The part that really gets annoying is they have learned to type. So as i suffer through posts (with horrid grammar) and try to decipher what they are saying; I realized I wanted to express my opinions on their comments. (Side note I overlooked incorrect spelling we all do it, and many forums lack a spell check.)

as to order getting screwed---if all you can complain about is how you cloths look or your mount shut up and role desto and then you can complain about all the classes and the class abilities compared to say the BW or Rune priest in comparison to the Sorc and Zealot. Desto only holds it's own because we have a higher ratio of good players to bad ones( oh yeah and because we cheat to take you capitol city lolz).

Now as to my desto idiots (oh yes we have them also) MALE WITCH ELVES??? Come on, really?? Remember the WE are also known as the brides of Khaine. He digs chicks. End of story.

I refuse to even make further comments on Female Greenskins.

To sum it up in short do not bother to complain about the races already in the game they are based on the lore of Warhammer the miniature and table top game along with the many novels made by Games Workshop. This also goes for the colors of the dyes they are based on the colors made by GW to paint with for the miniature game.

There are plenty of legitimate things to complain about instead of wasting time on horses but then again order has a better balance for there selection so i guess that leaves how pretty you look.

I have let my anger subside and offer this advice to idiot posts and posters.
Know what you talking about before posting (Yes, I ask a lot)
Listen to what others are telling you, especially if they cite examples and quote text.

as to us reading.......
Bite the tongue and either ignore of give correct advice.
Also blow your steam off in a different location such as your guild forums. ;p
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PostSubject: Re: Because people are SMRT   Because people are SMRT Icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 6:34 pm


I can honestly say I don't miss the WHA forums. The mods are on a power trip with the admin clearly backing this up as she is on one, too.

But yea... the whole Male/Female WE/Greenskin thing just made me want to punch a baby. Stupidity due to intentional ignorance is not necessary and unnecessary stupidity makes my blood pressure go up when I'm forced to face it.

And I know most people think the BW is OP compared to the Sorc, but honestly, they complain as much about our Sorc as we do their BW. The RP is, however, OP compared to the Zealot. But yea, all I've ever really heard from Order is how Destruction "exploits" terrain when they do it themselves (and then try to justify it or go all Obama when they're caught and proof is given) and how their whole faction is inferior visually. Personally, I always liked the Order zones more for scenery. But I like the Destruction classes better.

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Because people are SMRT
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